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You’re probably looking for Revere Ware 1801 Cookware. First, we’d like to go over the history of the company. You have of course heard of Paul Revere, he who had a starring role in the Revolutionary War of the United States of America? He started his career as a silversmith, making fine things for fine households When he bequeathed the company to his son it incorporated brass into its business., becoming the Revere Brass and Copper Corporation.

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History of Paul Revere Ware

Cut to the twentieth century and they are making the cookware for the finest restaurants and establishments around. They developed a new way to plate tin with copper and used this to fashion all kinds of different and useful kitchen implements. Later, they did the same plating stainless steel with copper and found that the non-corrosive qualities of stainless steel were matched with the even temperature dispersal of copper. Thus, in 1939, Revere Ware was created.

Revere Ware 1801 Stainless Steel

Revere Ware 16 Piece 1801 CookwareRevere Ware, and in particular their line of 1801 cookware took American kitchens by storm around the time the Great Depression was ending and we were feeling a resurgence of hope in the American dream.

It may look like simple stainless steel crockery, but Revere Ware is just a step above. From their patented electro-plating of metals together to how carefully calibrated thicknesses and such are, no other kitchen ever produced a more heavenly meal.

Revere Ware led the way in innovations, to be sure. One of their most popular and most enduring was a way they found of attaching Bakelite handles to their stainless steel pots and pans without the use of a rivet.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the traditional Revere Ware began to wane in the 1960s and 1970s. They began to make the copper coating on their pots and pans much thinner, as well as changed the way they did the handles.

By 1985, Revere Ware was sold to the Corning company. They were subsequently absorbed by the Home Kitchen Company, and Revere Ware did not really have a firm grasp on their image at this time.

Many collectors are still fond of the Revere Ware line, especially the 1801 Cookware. It is comparably priced to a brand new set of similar quality cooking utensils and can be easily found in various conditions in a variety of places.

How to Identify Vintage Revere Ware 1801

Vintage Revere Ware 1801 Stainless SteelThe 1801 line is one of the classic revere Ware lines, consisting of several different sizes of pots and pans, some utensils and a tea kettle. One thing all original Revere Ware things have one thing in common – they are stamped on the bottom with a circle and the words ‘pat. pend.’. If the Revere Ware is not one of the originals, the stamp will be simpler, generally just a circle with no words.

One of the things that collectors find so frustrating about this brand is that due to the age of the surviving product, while the stainless steel and copper are in great strength, the Bakelite handles have begun to show a bit of wear. This often includes some cracking or even breaking where the Bakelite has been applied over metal ‘joints’.

However, with just a bit of searching and the right amount of luck, you too can enjoy a classic kitchen full of Revere Ware originals. If you are truly looking for the resilient nature and classic style of authentic Revere Ware, you will want to keep an eye out for all that is marked as ‘vintage’. In collecting circles, older Revere Ware (made before 1968) is ‘good Revere Ware’.

Where to Find Vintage Revere Ware 1801 Cookware

While the perfect saucepan or Dutch oven may not leap out at you from the crowded aisle in a forgotten vintage store, remember that the internet exists and has caused interest and casual fancies to turn into full on collections. You can very easily find Revere Ware, even the coveted 1801 line on such sites as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and even Craigslist.

Revere Ware at eBayeBay probably is your best bet, particularly if you are new to the game or are just not sure about names and stuff. Of course, you will search for ‘Revere Ware’ and whichever cookware line you want, but then you have o look closely at the photos. Any blemishes or flaws should be openly shown in a photo along with a photo and description of the manufacturing mark. You will have to make sure the measurements satisfy you and then I hope you enjoy your purchase.


Revere Ware at EtsyEtsy has long been known as a place to buy and sell handmade goods, but did you know that they also have a thriving market for vintage and antique items? The vintage and antique offerings they have are mostly jewelry and clothing at this point, but if enough people show a demand in Revere Ware, that might change.

You’d be surprised how many antique cookware items can be found by browsing Etsy’s listings. There is more vintage items being listed every day and you could luck out and find one of the super high quality copper bottom pots or pans.

Revere Ware at Craigs ListCraigsList is, admittedly, a bit of a long shot. However, you never know who may be reading your post or what they have in their basement. In addition, quite often people post large bundles of cooking ware for whoever will take it. If you look through the refuse of a few of these people, you may find a diamond in the rough. Just know that this approach will take a keen eye, so it’s definitely not for the beginner!

You may have mixed experiences since you have to deal directly with the sellers of these products, in real life, but you can find far more items then you’d expect. Just be sure to be safe, meet in a public place and like most of these arrangements, there is certainly room to negotiate and bargain for the best price!

The legacy of Paul Revere may be as one of our brave founding fathers, but what of the legacy of his silversmithing business? It became involved with brass and copper right when the value of copper in the kitchen was being realized, then truly came into its own after the Great Depression. Really, the years for the ‘good’ Revere Ware were 1939 – 1968.

After being effectively discontinued in 1985, Revere Ware went through a series of terrible owners and companies that put profitability before durability and their durability plummeted. However, now the Revere Ware name is one to be uttered with respect. A kitchen gleaming with the stainless steel veneer of the 1801 cookware line is truly a sight to behold. It is one worth pursuing, even if you have to chase down the perfect tea service across three different websites and someone’s untidy backyard.