Revere Ware Copper Bottom Pots and Pans

Revere Ware Copper Bottom PotRevere Ware Cookware is known for its decades of durable products and excellent customer service. They have a 25-year warranty on all product defects, which is going above and beyond as far as most people are concerned. Once in a while you will need to replace parts of a pot or a pan, but overall they are very durable. After years of use, sometimes the Revere Ware Copper Bottom will need maintenance. This surface can rub or scratch off if treated badly, not maintained or used a lot. This doesn’t mean the product isn’t durable, it just means it’s been used more then it was intended.

You can find Revere Ware Copper Bottom pots and pans many places. There are endless online merchants that carry both individual pots, pans, saucers, skillets and more as well as complete sets that contain many different shapes and sizes of pots and pans. is a popular place to find an abundance of choices at good prices. They are such high-quality units that most people end up buying them to replace their full set of pots and pans or they buy them for gifts, such as a wedding gift. The scratch resistant, stainless steel finish makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen.

A lot of customers say that Revere Ware is the cheapest brand of quality cookware available. At the same time, they say that their Revereware pans are long lasting, sturdy performers that outlast all of their other pans. They love how easy they are to clean and how easy they are to cook with. If you are looking for a set of pots and pans that are going to last you for decades without breaking, scratching or falling apart, then these are the pots and pans for you. The evidence is in the customer reviews that I will talk about below.Revere Ware Copper Bottom Pots and PansOne customer said that they were very happy to find the 2 Quart Covered Saucepan by itself and not in a set because they needed to replace one that was badly damaged by some burned food. Not only was it shipped to her fast, it was even better then the old pot. They said it was just what they were looking for.

Another customer said that all they use is Revere Ware Copper Bottom pots and pans. She grew up with her mother using them and they still look new 20 years later. Her mother bought her a set of the pots and pans and she loves them. She has recently bought more to complete her set and loves how easy they are to clean and cook with. It makes it a joy to be in the kitchen.

Another lady said that she has always used Revere Ware pots and pans, but lost her set in a move. She used other brands but was never entirely happy with the quality and performance. She has since purchased a new set and uses it to cook fancy dinners when they have company. She is hoping that this current set will outlast her and she’s 54 years old. That’s something to say about product loyalty.


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Replacement Lid Knob for Revere Ware Lids (single knob)
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X-large 2-screw replacement handle for vintage Revere Ware pans
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